Get Started#

If you want to use Ivy’s tracer and transpiler, make sure to follow the setting up instructions for the API key after installing Ivy!

Depending on your preferred environment you can install Ivy in various ways:

Installing using pip#

The easiest way to set up Ivy is to install it using pip with the following command:

pip install ivy

Keep in mind that this won’t install any framework other than NumPy!


If you prefer to use containers, we also have pre-built Docker images with all the supported frameworks and some relevant packages already installed, which you can pull from:

docker pull unifyai/ivy:latest

If you are working on a GPU device, you can pull from:

docker pull unifyai/ivy:latest-gpu

Installing from source#

You can also install Ivy from source if you want to take advantage of the latest changes, but we can’t ensure everything will work as expected!

git clone
cd ivy
pip install --user -e .

If you are planning to contribute, you want to run the tests, or you are looking for more in-depth instructions, it’s probably best to check out the Contributing - Setting Up page, where OS-specific and IDE-specific instructions and video tutorials to install Ivy are available!

Ivy’s tracer and transpiler#

To use Ivy’s tracer and transpiler, you’ll need an API key. If you don’t have one yet, you can register in the console to get it!

Ivy Folder#

When importing Ivy for the first time, a .ivy folder will be created in your working directory. If you want to keep this folder in a different location, you can set an IVY_ROOT environment variable with the path of your .ivy folder.

Setting Up the API key#

Once the .ivy folder has been created (either manually or automatically by importing Ivy), you will have to paste your API key as the content of the key.pem file. For reference, this would be equivalent to:

echo -n API_KEY > .ivy/key.pem

Issues and Questions#

If you find any issue or bug while using the tracer and/or the transpiler, please raise an issue in GitHub and add the tracer or the transpiler label accordingly. A member of the team will get back to you ASAP!

Otherwise, if you haven’t found a bug but want to ask a question, suggest something, or get help from the team directly, feel free to open a new post at the pilot-access forum in Ivy’s discord server!