Contributor Program#

The goal of the Contributor program is to facilitate contributors in the community that would like to work more closely with our team. Embark on a rewarding journey with Unify by signing up as a Contributor. Let’s innovate together!

We’ve created a promotion workflow to help you advance through the different tiers of contribution, from Contributor to Core Contributor, Rising Contributor, and finally, Top Contributor.

Our promotion structure is based on our badge system. Check out Contributor Rewards for more information about them!


Start as a Contributor by earning any of the Initial Badges. It’s straightforward — complete one of the open tasks listed and you’re in! This first step opens the door for you to become an integral part of our community.

Core Contributor#

Get elevated to Core Contributor status by earning a Bronze Badge. As a Core Contributor, you’re recognized not just for your skills but also for your growing commitment to our mission. You’ll have the opportunity to engage more deeply with our projects and play an important role in shaping the future of our initiatives. This tier is a testament to your dedication and a stepping stone to even greater achievements within our community. As a token of appreciation, you’ll be eligible for a $25 welcome gift.

Rising Contributor#

Ascend to the Rising Contributor level by acquiring a Silver Badge. This tier will allow you to be more deeply involved with our core group. You’ll join our GitHub team, enabling you to directly commit changes to main, manage PRs made by others in the community, etc. You’ll also be invited to all our internal meetings to be able to follow along with everything happening in the team. As a Rising Contributor, you’re encouraged to tackle complex tasks, pushing your skills to new heights.

Top Contributor#

Achieve a Gold Badge to reach the peak of our program as a Top Contributor. This tier is for those who demonstrate exceptional dedication and expertise. You’ll gain the privilege of engaging with bounty-holding internal tasks and join our Bounty Program, where completing top-priority issues can earn you cash rewards. Upon reaching this level, we will be delighted to acknowledge your contributions with a special token of appreciation.