We strongly welcome contributions and/or any form of engagement from absolutely anyone in the community, regardless of skill-level!

Whether you’re a veteran developer 🥷 or a total beginner 🤷, everyone is welcome to create issues and create pull-requests.

If you’re new to any aspects of open-source development, we’ll guide you through the process.

We want our ML unification journey to be as inclusive as possible, this is all only possible with a big team effort, and all are totally welcome on board for our journey! 🙂

The contributor guide is split into the sections below, it’s best to go from start to finish, but you can also dive in at any stage! We’re excited for you to get involved! 🦾

Building the right environment 🏛️

Managing your fork 🇾, creating issues ⭕, and creating pull-requests ⬆️

See where you can help us out! 🙋

Check out our contributor badges and achievements! 🏅

How to climb up the ranks in our Contributor program 🧗

How to build the documentation locally 🏗️

Take a deep dive into the codebase 🤿

Resources you would find useful when learning Ivy 📖

Common errors you will be facing contributing to Ivy ❌