ivy.nested_multi_map(func, nests, index_chains=None, to_apply=True, prune_unapplied=False, index_chain='', config=None, to_ivy=True)[source]#

Apply function to all array values from a collection of identically structured ivy arrays.

  • func (Callable) – Function to apply to each nest entry.

  • nest – nests to map.

  • index_chains – The key-chains to apply or not apply the method to. Default is None.

  • to_apply – If True, the method will be applied to index_chains, otherwise index_chains will be skipped. Default is True.

  • prune_unapplied – Whether to prune index_chains for which the function was not applied, otherwise the leftmost nest value is used. Default is False.

  • index_chain – Chain of keys for this dict entry (Default value = ‘’)

  • config – The configuration for the nests. Default is the same as nest0.

  • to_ivy – convert the output to ivy_arrays. Default is True


  • nest containing the result of the function. The structure of the output is the

  • same as the input with the result of the function applied to each applicable

  • leaf and the value at that leaf in the first nest for a non-applicable leaf if

  • prune_unapplied is False else unapplied leaves are pruned.