Welcome to Unify!#

Unify is your centralized platform for LLM endpoints. If you’re using or planning to use an LLM in your application or service, Unify lets you:

  • 🔑 Use any endpoint with one key: You only need a Unify API Key to access the latest LLMs through any endpoint provider. Each model has a unfied API that enables seamless provider switching without needing to refactor.

  • 🚀 Route to the best endpoint: Each prompt is assessed separately and sent to the endpoint that will (a) return the best response, and (b) yield the best performance for a target metric of your choice, including high-throughput, low cost or low latency.

  • ⚖️ Benchmark endpoint performance: Our live, dynamic benchmarks let you objectively compare endpoints speed, latency and costs; to make informed decisions when selecting the model or provider that fits your needs.

Getting Started#

To start querying our endpoints, generate a Unify API key by Signing Up through the console . Grab your key through the dashboard, and let’s see how you can make your first request!


If you encounter any issue, have any suggestion, feature you’d like to see, or anything you think can be improved please get in touch with us on Discord or via hub@unify.ai