AI Debate App#


A live version of the application is hosted on Streamlit, try it out yourself using the link below: LLM Debate App on Streamlit


Debate-App is a web application that enables a back-and-forth conversation between two Language Models (LLMs) on a topic chosen by the user. Users can select any two models, input a query, and visualize the dialogue between the LLMs in real-time. Built using Unify and deployed with Streamlit, this application provides a platform for users to witness AI-generated debates and explore the capabilities of different language models.

Tech Stack#

  • Streamlit: Used for creating the web application interface that is intuitive and interactive.

  • Unify AI: Provides the backend LLMs that power the interactions within the application. Unify’s API is utilized to send prompts to the LLMs and receive their responses in real-time.

Repository and Deployment#

Repo Link:

Guide to run locally:

git clone

Installing Dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Run Locally:

streamlit run

Deployed app link:


Contributors to the project:


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Sanjay Suthar


Ogban Ugot